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Infocube, various surfaces, magnetic, writeable and dry erasable, aluminium frame with grey synthetic corners, four aluminium-octagon-stands (height: 200 cm) incl. 4 wheels (2 with brakes),

1 PU = 1 piece


CONFIGURATE your individual infocube with our EDITOR!


Choosable boardsurfaces:


You can find out more about the advantages and disadvantages of the different board surfaces here.


Benefits of infocube


  • a compact unit with a lot of writing/visualising space
  • four customisable board surfaces
  • moveable




The infocube is perfect for use as central infopoint e. g. at the production cell. Each topic could get one infoboard.

Infocubes suits especially e. g.:


  • in open space offices
  • at exhibitions
  • at fairs
  • at the shop floor